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From David L. Greene, M.D., CEO:

As an M.D., I was taught, with few exceptions, that emotional stress was the result of, rather than the cause of, physical illness. Over the course of thirty years in a clinical practice, my experience taught me that as medical doctors we had it backwards. As it turns out, emotions are running every system in the body.

Explore “The Science” section of this site that unveils the exciting new evidence behind the paradigm shift reshaping how future physicians will approach medical treatment. The human heart is but one important example of how an organ once thought to be simply a pump for circulation is now understood to be an amazing organ of communication. It gives a whole new meaning to “just follow your heart”.

Studies from the field of psychoneuroimmunology validate the benefits achievable simply by using language to shift thoughts and emotions. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to, an improvement in:

Hormones / Libido
Memory / Cognition
Disease / Pain / Recovery
Attitude / Energy / Motivation
Weight / Digestion / Metabolism
Focus / Performance / Productivity
Gene expression / Immune Function
Relationships / Interaction with Others
Movement / Physical Strength / Stamina


The MoodShift one-minute patented experience is recommended to use:

• Upon rising to set the course of your day.
• Any time you need positive reinforcement.
• For focus when you shift gears from one situation to another.
• To halt demoralizing or frightening thought loops.
• Before you sleep for calming reassurance.

Shifting your mood to strengthen and increase your vital energy is more impactful than nutrition or exercise.